The Moms Guide to CBD Oil

"I was relaxed. I was calm, focused and clear. I felt like me when I'm not overwhelmed by the noise in my head and stress flowing through my veins. It was like I had had a glass of wine. Wait, Did I have a glass of wine?! I honestly thought back. No. I didn't. And while I was relaxed, I was NOT intoxicated. It clicked. It was the CBD Oil..."


5 Things You Can do For Younger Skin Today

"I walked out of that spa empty-handed. Albeit feeling slightly self-conscience about my skin. When in truth, even though I am little older, my skin has never looked better. And those age spots? If I didn't even know they existed until she pointed them out - I guarantee you no one else I come into contact with notices them either. "

An Olive Branch For My Excluded Sisters

"I want to say I'm sorry to the women who didn't feel represented, and who felt left out. Indeed, I can't speak for all women or the groups who organized the Women's March, but I respect you. And, while our beliefs might be different, I stand for you..."