Can't agree with your better half about decorating? The secret is knowing the RIGHT questions to ask.

“It’s completely natural to disagree.  We’re all unique individuals with different tastes, preferences & opinions. However, when you share the same living space with someone, it's essential to agree on creating a home you both will enjoy.  The key is to start a productive (i.e., solution focused) conversation.  Here are three steps to stop the arguing and start the decorating!” 

Positive Affirmations for Parents

“One of the most powerful practices I've learned involves words paired with action. I'll share this very practice with you today, along with a beautiful, simple way to incorporate this practice into your daily life.”

True Confessions and Spring Cleaning

"After becoming a mom, I felt like I couldn't 'keep up' with the nutritional knowledge to the same extent as I did before. Ultimately though, living a healthy lifestyle comes down to what we value more than what we know."

The 30 Minute Strong Mom Workout That Fits Any Schedule

"As a fitness professional, I felt quite a bit of shame about my inconsistent attempts at self-care during my son's first year of life. Sleep deprivation took over my sanity; I felt my mood (and perspective) dropping, and yet I just couldn't fathom how I could make workouts a priority, when I had zero energy left at the end of the day."