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Meet our in-house health and wellness professionals:


Meagan, CLC, CHC

Founder, Editor in Chief, Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Prenatal & Family Health Coach, and mom of three, Meagan has a heart for giving. Her goal has always been to make health and wellness information accessible to everyone, and by creating Family Health Tips she has done just that.

She has a soft spot for volunteers and nonprofits, and writing is her jam. She survives with the help of fiction at the gym, large doses of magnesium, and a dark sense of humor. And she believes you can live a healthy lifestyle and still live. You can find her work at Natural Mother Magazine, Orlando Moms Blog, and connect with her directly for personal breastfeeding or health guidance at


Yun-A Johnson, Interior REdesigner

Yun-A is an Interior REdesigner. It’s different than interior design because she shows people how to redecorate their homes using only what they already own. She's especially passionate about creating home environments that encourage families to enjoy quality time together. Originally from Maryland, she currently lives in Oslo, Norway with her husband (who’s Norwegian) and her two toddler sons.

You can find her work and connect with her at Website:, Facebook:, Instagram:, Pinterest:


Dr. Jenny Lloyd Strovas, Biologist

Jenny is a biologist who helps parents like you get your kids outside and engaged with nature. She can provide you with specific strategies to simplify the logistics of getting outside and activities that will help your children develop a love and appreciation for the natural world. As a mom, She knows the struggle of getting kids outside and engaged with nature. After working as an outdoor guide, biologist, and researching the human/nature relationship, she knows exactly how to improve your child's well-being through intentional and meaningful strategies. Learn more about how she can help you by visiting her website.

You can find more of her work at her blog at for nature activities that work well for all ages!

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Jessica, CPT

Hey there and welcome! I'm Jessica, a certified personal trainer and stay at home mom. I love creating workouts you can do from home with minimal equipment. My passion is working with women on their fitness journey. Showing people that working out doesn’t have to be time-consuming, intimidating or hard is what I love to do! I started a YouTube channel earlier this year to share my love of all thing’s health and fitness. These vlogs are a loving extension of my channel.

You can connect with me at:






Back to The Beginning

When I set out a few years ago as a Certified Lactation Counselor and Certified Family & Prenatal Health Coach, the goal was simple. Work within the non-profit sector, making wellness services accessible to those who need it most, thus closing health disparities in our communities. I quickly learned that navigating the non-profit world was not for the faint of heart and after spending a year doing so, decided I could best help by running a for-profit business and using my profits to fund volunteer work, and pro-bono services.

With love for writing, the move to start a blog in efforts to market my services was seamless. The two years that followed revealed the ultimate ah-ha moment. The blog and the Instagram tribe had gained so much momentum; it seemed painfully obvious that that way to help people - to genuinely close health disparities, was to make as much information available online in the form of free content. Enter Family Health Tips.

As someone who has coped with anxiety for my entire life, I know that there is no one size fits all approach to wellness. It's, for this reason, I take great pride in the team of educated professionals we have contributing to Family Health Tips. Our range of contributors allow our readers the opportunity for a well-rounded, and individualized approach to wellness. And most importantly, the chance to live happier and healthier lives - for free. Lastly, the most important thing that sets Family Health Tips apart from other wellness sites is I truly believe we can live our healthiest lives and still live.

Living Healthifully & Living,