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Learn how to cook, budget and shop for healthy food that your kids will actually eat. Learn how to teach your children to eat food that won't make them sick and fat.

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Hello! My name is Meagan; I am a former Fashion Merchandiser turned Wellness Geek, AKA Certified Health Coach, and founder of Inclusive Health and Wellness.

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"I was relaxed. I was calm - focused and clear. I felt like me when I'm not overwhelmed by the noise in my head and stress flowing through my veins. It was like I had had a glass of wine. Wait, Did I have a glass of wine?! I honestly thought back. No. I didn't. And while I was relaxed, I was NOT intoxicated. It clicked. It was the CBD Oil. 


"Meagan is such a dedicated and educated lactation consultant.  I gave her a product I was unsure about taking due to the fact I am breastfeeding and she came back with THOROUGH information on each ingredient that raised a red, and even a yellow, flag.  I am so glad I came to her and that my instincts told me to because the company the product in question was from claims it is breastfeeding friendly and it not necessarily is, at all.  Thank you, Meagan for all of your help and guidance!"

-Anika, mom to Maja

“I love the PLAY list! When Dad comes home at night, we take it out and pick something to do. It's like a new play adventure every day!”
-Delaney, AGE EIGHT

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