What Having a 'Balanced' Life Really Looks Like

“It's very trendy to talk about 'work/life balance' but in we're using the WRONG WORD. Balance is about comparing weight. Put in a little on this side and a little on the other until they equal each other. Typically that doesn't last long, because life is always changing, and the scale will tip in favor of one side.” 

Can't agree with your better half about decorating? The secret is knowing the RIGHT questions to ask.

“It’s completely natural to disagree.  We’re all unique individuals with different tastes, preferences & opinions. However, when you share the same living space with someone, it's essential to agree on creating a home you both will enjoy.  The key is to start a productive (i.e., solution focused) conversation.  Here are three steps to stop the arguing and start the decorating!” 

Positive Affirmations for Parents

“One of the most powerful practices I've learned involves words paired with action. I'll share this very practice with you today, along with a beautiful, simple way to incorporate this practice into your daily life.”