Holiday Shopping Tips: How to Shop Healthier

Holiday Shopping Tips: How to Shop Healthier

When we talk about healthy living, it's really about making lifestyle changes demand this require forming new habits. If we want a healthier body, we need to have healthy eating habits to replace the not so healthy ones. The same is true about the environment we create in our home. If we want a less cluttered home (and life!), we also need to have healthier habits around choosing what to buy for our home, as well as holiday shopping and gift giving.

As an Interior Redesigner and shopping lover since the age of 5 (haha!), This is an area I've put a great deal of thought into!

The secret to buying less is buying only items you LOVE and will continuously enjoy. However, that's not always as easy as it sounds. There's a process to this. Practice it, and you'll feel more confident about finding décor that resonates with you.

Here are 3 steps to fine-tune your 'intuitive shopping' skills.

STEP 1: Know exactly what you're looking for

When you get an idea, write it down. It might start general (a rug for the living room). That's fine, keep updating it as you get more specific about what you like and don't (need a rug that's easy to clean, this size, this color, this pattern). Sometimes all the details can drive you crazy BUT don't underestimate the details! Details are what make things PERSONAL.

A little story to illustrate my point: During college I interned part-time. One day at lunch my boss and I had a fun conversation about how I love handbags. Months later, when I left, they gave me a gift card as a farewell present. Inside my boss had written, “go get yourself a cute handbag ;)”

THAT detail, touched me because she'd remembered it from one random conversation. It wasn't only a gift card anymore it's a story I'll never forget, all because of the personal detail added.

So the question is how do you find the details that matter to you? I'm glad you asked! That's step 2

STEP 2: Collect inspiration

Taking time to browse what's out there, helps you discover your preferences and gives you a direction to follow. The combination of knowing what you want while actively looking for examples will help you find clarity about the details like height, color, or where it would fit best in your home, etc.

One day you'll walk into a shop and BOOM there it is. The key again is focusing MORE on the DETAILS. It's not about collecting a ton of images, collect the ones that stand out most to you. Ask yourself: Why do they stand out? Maybe you'll start to notice patterns. By making these observations regularly, you'll feel confident about making decisions faster and acting on your intuition more. This is what knowing your aesthetic style is all about

STEP 3: VALUE the process

The reason we buy those 'extra' purchases (beyond necessities) is because of how they make us feel. You're buying an experience or memory not just an item. If you follow steps 1&2, it makes searching for it an experience in itself. Take your time, be patient, and enjoy the process.

You WILL find it, and every time you see it in your home, your heart will smile. It's the process that creates value, not the money spent or money saved. Our concept of money can play tricks on our idea of value. Value is about emotions, about the story or 'the why' behind making decisions.

So those are the 3 steps! While writing this, I thought about how this process, “takes away the rush of buying something spontaneously.” That's the point though.

When I think about all the time and stress I've spent decluttering my impatient or impulse purchases, it makes me nauseous. I could've used that time for some many other things. It's hard though because a culture that craves instant solutions surround us. “If I just get this, then my home will be beautiful.” Trust me; I know the struggle. I LOVE shopping. However, I've realized that I can find joy in the shopping experience, seeing and appreciating all the beautiful things people have made, without needing to buy it.

I'll end with a quote that sums this up beautifully

You don’t possess the stars; still you can enjoy them. You don’t possess the birds in the sky, but you can enjoy them. What you need is not more possessions. What you need is more sensitiveness, more aesthetic sensibility, more musical ears, more artistic eyes.
What you need is a vision that transforms everything into something magnificent and meaningful.
— Osho
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