A Happy Home Every Day of The Year

A Happy Home Every Day of The Year

Don't you love the warm fuzzy feelings around the holidays? We take extra time to make our home cozy, adding little details with decorations and special food. When I was thinking about what to share for the last post of 2018, it hit me - this happy holiday spirit is how we should live all the time.

Of course, this time of year is special because it's only once a year, BUT there are certain habits we have around the holidays that we could adopt more into our everyday life. For example, making a little extra effort to turn simple moments into something special. I've started trying to do this is with cooking. I first got the idea from a blog years ago and only now have I started trying it, typical hehe. Before cooking dinner, I create a lovely atmosphere - favorite music, light a candle, clear the counter...sometimes just one, sometimes all three!

The goal is to put effort into making cooking dinner a nice experience in itself rather than just a task I have to do every day of the year. This is a big change from my usual stressed whirlwind of multitasking to get dinner on the table while doing laundry and dishes at the same time.

Cooking has honestly always been a challenge for me, but this one small change has helped me to develop a different attitude about cooking and to *gasp* start to enjoy it! For those of you who love cooking, this might seem obvious lol. However, I'm sure there's another area of your daily life that could use a little extra attention and ambiance.

My Christmas wish (actually lifetime wish) is for everyone around the world to have a happy home. However, I also know that the only person that determines whether we're content is ourselves. So here's best I could do!

Happy Home Chart


Something that's not talked about enough when creating a beautiful home environment is our relationships! So that's exactly what this little chart is designed for!

To check in and make sure your home reflects you and your family. These are the 3 things we need for our home to feel good! All three on are important, BUT there's one we each tend to prioritize more. What's it for YOU?

Think about IKEA.... you walk into beautiful room displays (the look), next are the help desks for planning how to set up your home (the system) and finally there's the whole downstairs all the items that you didn't know you needed lol ;) to personalize and choose to suit your home needs and taste (the lifestyle).

For my husband and I, this has been a game-changer in the way we approach household chores. For me, 'Aesthetic' (surprise surprise haha) matters most whereas for my husband it's 'Function.' Knowing this has helped us understand and communicate with each other better! I'm able to explain why I need to tidy up before relaxing, and my husband's been able to explain why he likes a home that looks 'lived in' rather than picture perfect.

Here's a little printable version to download.

Print it out and put it on your fridge! However, most of all use it!

It's an especially fun conversation starter to about with your family during the holidays ;)

Happy holidays and happy decorating!
— Yun-A

P.S. If you want to understand more about this chart you can watch the Facebook Live videos where I've explained about this chart. Start with this one.

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