The 30 Minute Strong Mom Workout That Fits Any Schedule

The 30 Minute Strong Mom Workout That Fits Any Schedule

If you have the struggle to fit in workouts, self-care or mindful moments into your busy day, you are not alone. 

Making time for yourself feels impossible when you're in the thick of motherhood. As a fitness professional, I felt quite a bit of shame about my inconsistent attempts at self-care during my son's first year of life. Sleep deprivation took over my sanity; I felt my mood (and perspective) dropping, and yet I just couldn't fathom how I could make workouts a priority, when I had zero energy left at the end of the day. 

One day, in a quiet moment, when my son was examining The Pout-Pout Fish, I had an A-HA. Rather than "making time" for my workouts, I could weave "Pockets" of movement into my day. I could make my workout fit into my day, rather than trying to make my insane schedule meet a workout regimen. 

In this video, I share the strategy that empowered me to embody my workouts with intention, flexibility, and enjoyment. Ultimately, this strategy made me feel at home in my skin again after becoming a mom.



SQUATS - Squat-Block

Squat with feet hip-distance apart and thighs parallel to the floor. As you rise, lift one knee, as if you are blocking a kick with your shin. Alternate knees, using your abdominals and arms to BLOCK with your shin. Perform these with speed.
Alignment key: push your hips forward as you stand to feel a hip-flexor stretch and for extra abdominal engagement. Use your arms for more cardiovascular benefit!
Modification: slow your pace down and focus on muscle engagement

PLANK - Rotating Side-Planks:

Starting in a forearm plank, rotate onto your left forearm, stack the feet, and raise your right arm to the ceiling. Return to a center forearm plank and pause, then rotate to your right forearm. Repeat the rotation, returning to the center each time.
Alignment key: keep your hips level and focus on engaging your obliques (side waist)
Modification: perform from a kneeing forearm plank, stacking your knees instead of feet

FLIES - Pendulums:

Place your hands behind your ears (do not clasp hands) and keep your elbows back for the full minute, engaging your rear deltoids and entire upper back. Stand on your LEFT leg. Lower your torso forward and down while your right leg simultaneously swings up and back. Keep your right legs straight and a slight bend in your standing leg. Repeat the entire minute standing on your left leg, swinging the right.
(Switch legs after planks: SEE BELOW)
Alignment Key: pretend that your body is one long line from the top of your head to your lifted heel. Maintain this "stiff as a board" length throughout the exercise.
Modification: place hands on your hips while pulling the elbows back. If hamstring length/flexibility feels limiting, bend the standing leg


Oblique Crunches

 Laying on your back, bend the knees at a 90-degree angle, pressing your shins toward the ceiling. Crunch up with your hands behind your head. As you lower your upper body, lower one heel to the floor, maintaining the 90-degree bend in your knee. Crunch up, raising the leg up, pressing both shins into the ceiling once again. Repeat, lowering the opposite leg to the floor. Alternate legs.

Alignment Key: lower back should be in contact with the floor the entire time. If the lower back pops up, try the modification.

Modification: rather than lowering the heel all the way to the floor, lower it halfway down. If having the legs lifted feels too taxing, a second option is to start with both feet on the ground and to lift one knee up at a 90-degree angle as you crunch up. You'll still get a vast range of motion with the added resistance of your leg!



The Circuit: Make Your Workout Fit Your Life

1. Squat-Blocks (1-minute)
recover (30-seconds)
2. Pendulums Standing on Left Leg (1-minute)
recover (30-seconds)
3. Rotating Planks (1-minute)
recover (30-seconds)
4. Pendulum Standing on Right Leg (1-minute)
recover (30-seconds)
5. Oblique Crunches (1-minute)
recover (30-seconds)


OPTION 1: Repeat this circuit 4x's for a 30-minute workout
OPTION 2: Perform 4 circuits in 8 minute "Pockets of Time" throughout your day (I like to set a timer on my phone as a reminder)


I am here. I am now.
3 ways to use this mantra:
1. Repeat it during your workout, as you’re getting out of bed or when you’re having a particularly rough mom-moment.
2. Use the image as the background on your phone. You’d be shocked at how many times you you’re your phone in one you’re your phone in one day.
3. Write it on a post-it and stick it to your bathroom mirror.

No matter how you use your mantra, notice how it brings more awareness, intention and/or presence to your sweet your sweet life.
I am here. I am now.

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