5 Ways to Make Moving a Little Easier 

5 Ways to Make Moving a Little Easier 

Ahh summer, time for relaxing and taking it easy - except if you’re moving. For many families, summer is the prime time to move. Getting a new home is an exciting transition, but it can also be hectic and stressful, especially with young children. So here are my top five tips for a more relaxed and more enjoyable moving experience!

1. Start Early

Start EARLY getting rid of things you don’t want.  Moving is a wonderful opportunity to de-clutter, BUT we tend to underestimate both how long it takes and how much stuff we have. So the earlier you start de-cluttering, the better!  The worst feeling is to be frantically throwing random things you’re not even sure you want, into boxes on the day of the move. Been there, done that - more times than I’d like to admit haha. 

2. No Maybes

When you’re de-cluttering be STRICT with yourself about making a 'yes' or 'no' decision. One helpful question to ask is “Why I am I keeping this?”  Is it because you ‘should’ or because it's what you ‘want’?  If you can’t replace the “I should’ with an,‘ I want,’ it’s very likely that you will not use the item in the future. Deciding now will also make unpacking in your new place much easier because you can only need to open boxes and put things away, instead of spending time deciding whether to keep an item or not.

3. Say Thank You

Say ‘Thank You’ to the past but focus on the present. Saying thank you is a good old tip from tidying up genius, Marie Kondo.  Sometimes we hold onto things because they were important to us during a certain period of our lives but they're just not a part of our life anymore. Say ‘thank you’ to the item for the value it added to your life when it did. Then let it go so that you can focus your full attention on the life you are living right now. I know this can be especially hard as parents when going through drawings from your children. My suggestion is to choose the favorites and representative ones to make a 'highlight reel' showcasing different quirks and drawing phases. Trust me; your kids will appreciate you doing this for them!  Does anyone else still have boxes in the basement from your childhood, that you haven't had time to sort? My husband and I have two boxes each...

4. Pack by Colors

My all-time favorite packing tip is something I stumbled across on Pinterest years ago: use duct tape in different colors for labeling boxes. Assign one color for each room of the house. For example: blue = kitchen, gray = garage. As you pack a box, place a piece of duct tape on it and write the contents of the box directly on the duct tape. For example: ‘books’ on blue tape = books from the kitchen. When you move, it will be super easy to know which box belongs to which room AND you'll be able to find the items you need faster as well.

5. Say Goodbye

And finally, say a proper 'goodbye' to your neighborhood, to favorite places and routines. No matter how much you’re looking forward to moving, there are going to be certain things you’ll miss about your old place. So give yourself some time to take a stroll around the block or to lounge by the window and soak up the afternoon sun. Take time to enjoy those little moments while you still can. 

And Voila, there you go! Those are my favorite tips, what about you? Are any of these tips things you've already done? Or do you have any other great moving tips you’d add to the list?

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