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A Happy Home Every Day of The Year

“Of course, this time of year is special because it's only once a year, BUT there are certain habits we have around the holidays that we could adopt more into our everyday life. For example, making a little extra effort to turn simple moments into something special.”

What Having a 'Balanced' Life Really Looks Like

“It's very trendy to talk about 'work/life balance' but in we're using the WRONG WORD. Balance is about comparing weight. Put in a little on this side and a little on the other until they equal each other. Typically that doesn't last long, because life is always changing, and the scale will tip in favor of one side.” 

True Confessions and Spring Cleaning

"After becoming a mom, I felt like I couldn't 'keep up' with the nutritional knowledge to the same extent as I did before. Ultimately though, living a healthy lifestyle comes down to what we value more than what we know."