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Positive Affirmations for Parents

“One of the most powerful practices I've learned involves words paired with action. I'll share this very practice with you today, along with a beautiful, simple way to incorporate this practice into your daily life.”

True Confessions and Spring Cleaning

"After becoming a mom, I felt like I couldn't 'keep up' with the nutritional knowledge to the same extent as I did before. Ultimately though, living a healthy lifestyle comes down to what we value more than what we know."

The 30 Minute Strong Mom Workout That Fits Any Schedule

"As a fitness professional, I felt quite a bit of shame about my inconsistent attempts at self-care during my son's first year of life. Sleep deprivation took over my sanity; I felt my mood (and perspective) dropping, and yet I just couldn't fathom how I could make workouts a priority, when I had zero energy left at the end of the day."