Q: What is a Health Coach?

 A: As a Health Coach, I am certified to educate and help you and your family get healthier and happier. I help you learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices, start exercising, have a better attitude, and be happier. I also help you learn to make, budget, and shop for healthy foods. I do not diagnose or treat illness, although I can help you implement and maintain the treatment plan suggested by your doctor. I also make referrals when I identify an issue outside my scope of practice. Always refer directly to your care provider or pediatrician prior to starting new diet and exercise changes. 

 Q: Do you only work with families and expecting parents?

 A: My areas of study pertain specifically to the health and wellness of expecting women, children/infants, and how parents/caregivers can teach children how to live healthily.  There are Health Coaches who focus on the more mature individual, and it would be my pleasure to refer anyone looking for these types of coaches on to another health coach that is a better fit for their particular needs. 

I also provide my services directly to non - profit organizations and schools, birthing centers, and women's health groups.

 Q: What are the prices Health Coaching services?

 A. I offer free consultations, about 30 minutes, after which coaching services range from $40 - $270, depending on the service and the client's needs.

 Q: What is a Lactation Counselor?

 A. As a Lactation Counselor, I am certified to educate, assess, help women with breastfeeding. I provide the information needed for women to make the best decisions for them and their babies. I do not diagnose or treat any breastfeeding or postpartum illnesses, although I refer you for challenges that fall outside my scope of practice. 

Q: I am not sure I want to, or can breastfeed, would you still be able to support me?

 A: Make no mistake about it, I am passionate about breastfeeding! However, I am more passionate about mothering our mothers. I’m not here to judge. I am here to educate and support. There are many ways I can offer support to an exclusively formula feeding, exclusively pumping, or supplementing mother. The feeding relationship between you and your baby is full of intimacy and bonding regardless of how you choose to feed them. It would be my honor to help you get the most out of this relationship with your baby. 

Q: What are the prices for Lactation Counseling?

A: I offer free consultations, about 30 minutes, after which counseling fees range from $40 - $115, depending on the type of service provided. All services include phone/text support for the duration of our counseling relationship.  

Q: I’m not sure I can afford health and wellness services, what should I do?

A: Call me! I will not turn anyone away based on income restrictions. The root of my passion is to close the gap in health inequality in our community. If you want to feel better and be happier, I want to help you. There are many ways we can work out payment options, or get you involved in an organization where I offer my services for free or discounted; please give me a call and we’ll find the solution that’s right for you. 

Q:  What organizations issue and manage your certifications/credentials?

 A: Lactation Counseling (CLC): The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. The program I completed my education in is based on the World Health Organization and UNICEF's US Breastfeeding Initiative. 

Health Coaching: I am educated and certified by The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Dr. Sears is a world renowned Physician/Pediatrician, co-author of over 30 parenting books, father of 8,  a cancer survivor, and founder of The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. He is the developer of the LEAN Start and LEAN Expectations programs, both of which I am educated and certified to facilitate. 

Childbirth Education: I am currently a member of the International Childbirth Education Association, and I’m working toward becoming a Certified Childbirth Educator (CCE)

College Education and Other Experience: I earned a BA in Fashion Merchandising from the Miami International University of Art & Design, of the Art Institute. I also have eight years of experience in wholesaling and retailing.