Have you tried to get healthy on your own before but struggled to make it stick? Many people do! It becomes extra scary when we have kids. How on earth do we keep Johnny from becoming fat Johnny? How do we keep our kids from becoming fat, sick, and unhappy? It's the number one goal we have as parents and caregivers - our children's well being. Yet, few of us have the skills to manage these issues for ourselves let alone how to set our kids up for health success. 

As a Certified Family & Prenatal Health Coach, I am trained to teach and help you, and your kids, get healthier. I can't diagnose your health problems but I can help you solve them with the help of your doctor. Together we are a team and you are not alone. When you work with me you will learn how to live lean and most importantly how give your kids the gift of health.

Together we help your family make better choices:

  • Lifestyle - how change your unhealthy habits into healthy habits.  
  • Exercise - how to fit exercise into your busy life, how to get your kids to exercise, and how much exercise your kids need.
  • Attitude - how to decrease and manage stress, and how to be happier, and how to think happier.
  • Nutrition - how to prepare, budget, and shop for healthy foods that your kids will eat. As well as what healthy foods are and how to read nutrition labels. 

"When I have more energy, I have more fun"
- Garrett, AGE EIGHT

“If I eat something too junky, I feel sick to my stomach and have stinky poop”

- Jacob, AGE NINE


“There's a kid in my class who's really fat. Her parents must not care. They let her bring marshmallows and cookies for her snack."

-Lauren, AGE TEN


“But Dad, shopping is a sport! You have to walk a lot around the mall and sometimes run fast to get to the store before it closes."

- Lauren, AGE TEN

“The Stronger I get, the more I can eat without getting fat."

-Jason, AGE TEN


Recognized By Industry Leaders

National Association of Nutrition Professionals
International Childbirth Education Association
American Council on Exercise
National Academy of Sports Medicine