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As a writer there are times when I simply can not go on until I have given life to the words in my heart. Not surprisingly many of those posts end up as my most popular. Then there are the times that you guys surprise me and really enjoy things I wouldn't expect. I've gathered my top performing posts, conveniently, just for you into one lovely little package. Enjoy!


Read This, Not That, Before You Breastfeed. 4 Things You Should do During Pregnancy for Better Breastfeeding, from a CLC & Prenatal Health Coach

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that breastfeeding would turn me into a crazed maniac who never eats, sleeps, exercises, or leaves the house?” I had to smile because what the writer is describing is not so much breastfeeding, but more so adjusting to new motherhood

Improve Your Childs Brain Health

Nutrition Deficit Disorder: What It Is, And 5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Child's Brain Health

"Our brains are the most food sensitive organ in our body and are made up of 60% fat. It stores pollutants and food additives in the fat. Fat also insulates the pathways (acting as a conductor) that send messages from cell to cell and without the right fats these channels become frayed and inefficient." 


The Case For Boredom: The Debate of Screen Time

"Like most parents, I grapple with the pros and cons of screen time or the effects of media on our children's lives. We do the best we can to ensure our children live balanced lives. I am intrigued, however, by what our kids are capable of when we leave them with idle minds"

Pregnancy Comfort Tips.jpg

Third Trimester Comfort Measures: 4 Ways to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy

"I think for more women than not; pregnancy can be a challenging time especially toward the end. And with perfect reason!  One of my favorite quotes about pregnancy is by Suzanne Finnamore, "You are the closest I will ever come to magic".


Self Love: The Ultimate Motherhood Challenge

"A study conducted in 2009 by Berger, E.M, Spiess, C.K, found that maternal life satisfaction was a significant factor in whether or not children were happy. According to the study her overall happiness is more important to the social and emotional skills of her kids than her education level, income, whether she has a job, and how much time the child spent in day care. That's huge!"

Getting Healthy Myths.jpg

5 Biggest Myths About Getting Healthy

"First, we need to change our mindset. Let's not think about the things our life will have less of, but instead the things we'll add more of into our lives. This one is huge, guys! Let me tell you why."